About Sophie

I am often asked by readers why I created the character of Sophie as I did.

The answer is somewhat convoluted.

Several years ago I was in the Paris airport awaiting a flight to New York. In order to help pass the time, I went looking for a novel written in English. The only one I could find was by a female author.

Her heroine was the perfect woman with an equally perfect boyfriend. And this main character’s biggest problem in life was that her father wouldn’t give her fifty million dollars to buy a hotel chain or something else just as inane.

For me, the character simply didn’t represent reality.

So, I thought I could write a more realistic and inspiring novel about a woman who started life under the worst possible circumstances. I also wanted her story to show that people who are physically handicapped are not mentally impaired.

I hope you’ll get to know Sophie who is featured in my books as part of the “Gin Sling” series.

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